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So, since TPATD was epic and all I made this
Now, I want you guys to try to guess which piece belongs to who... XD.

oh hai :)

this could potentially be really stupid, but i was just really curious. how many of you guys have/are re-reading PWF? the questions been sitting in the back of my mind, nagging at me, for a while and i was just...wondering, i guess. if you have/are re-reading it, what are your thoughts the second time around?

once again, just curious. share your thoughts, if you'd like. otherwise, have a wonderful day everybody!!


p.s. this post isn't limited just to the topic of re-reading. share...whatever. how you all are doing. future plans/fic ideas. post your favorite PWF memory/inside joke (omfg do that!!!). write porn (AND THAT!!!). bug and nag at colin about his rywalk (i mean, what?) idk. you get the idea. i'll leave nao. :P

pwf <3

all right, lovers.

who's at the door?

spencer's mom with vegetable stew and cookies.
the police, with ~bad news.
keltie, dropping off ginger b/c she's got a last-minute tour.
brendon's parents, making one last attempt to lure him away from a life of sodomy.
jack sparrow.
bilvy beckett, coming to ~explain. or invite them to chicago.
a crush mgmt rep.

The REAL pwf ending

Okay. Colin has told us to rant here about what the ending should be like. Therefore. We must. Because obviously whatever Colin has in store is not going to be as epic as our imaginations will allow. NO LESBIANS? WHAT?

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Title: North Star: You’re My Way Back Home (or, What Really Happened At The Makeshift Camp In Chapter 14)
Author: monamour_x
Rating: NC-17/R
Pairing: Ryden
POV: 3rd; Mainly Brendon’s
Warnings: Broken!Ryan. Also, broken!Brendon. I give you fair warning.
Disclaimer: PWF belongs to Colin, obviously, and so any references to anything that happened in that story belong to him. The panic boys belong to themselves. The characters belong to Colin. Mostly everything belongs to someone other than me, besides the words.
Summary: Ryan swallows and angles his head up to the vast reaches of the black sheet above them, speckled with twinkling dots and false hope. “Do you think…If we believe hard enough…Do you think the North Star could really help us find our way back home?”
Dedication: Colin, obviously, because he wrote us 23, 000+ words of porn, so he deserves a little something in return. :) plus, he’s amazing, so. *hands porn*
Author’s Note: I wasn’t sure how Ryan and Brendon were dressed in this, but I pictured them in shirts and boxers. I know that they found a suitcase with clothes in one of the earlier chapters, so I figured that this was possible enough, right? Not that you guys care about any of this anyways, but WHATEVER. I’m OCD with facts—get over it. :D Also, this is completely self-edited (or lack thereof) so I apologize for any typos…which I’m sure there will be a lot of. Also, I love everyone who reads this. Also, I love PWF. Also, the ending isn’t exactly the best but I didn’t know what else to do with it so it’s as good as it’s going to get. Also, I’m still not convinced that I’m good at porn (though I’ve been told otherwise) but this had to be written so I did the best I could with it. Enjoy!!

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Hey, guys. I was lurking the Secret Santa holiday meme and I stumbled across this: every gay boy does fine needs love. So, I thought I'd share and direct you all over that way.

So behindthec posted Chapter 13 and pretty much killed us all.

I got to the end of the chapter and got this really strong mental image in my head. I told it to him and he told me if wrote the scene and posted it to the support group I would be loved forever.

So I listened.

Title: don't you go down
Author: piper47
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: Inspired by the events of Chapter 13 of PWF. Read that before reading this or it won't make much sense. Dedicated to behindthec for writing such an amazing story for all of us. Even if we want to kill him for where he left us off. Colin, you're killing me. ;)

missed your skin when you were eastCollapse )

My crack, let me show you it...

Okay, just an intro snippet :P

The pwf crackfic(tm) has been slowly taking shape thanks to the insanity awesomeness ridonkness of myself and this guy behindthec. You might know him I guess... *shrug* lol ;)

Anyways, felt like sharing and you guys can throw ideas at me. The crackier the better! \o/

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My Fic

Hey everyone!

Turns out I actually was able to finish my story.
Here it is!

Title: Red [1/1]
Author: [info]haha_urdead
Rating: R
Pairing: Shane/Brendon (Shadon?) and Ryan/Shane (Shyro)
Word Count: 2,086
Summary: Shane comes across something he never wanted to see. Oblivious Brendon. GuiltySad Ryan and Shane. Takes place before and in the PWF AU
Dedication: For Colin ([info]lolab) for writing pwf and encouraging me to write this. To all the other dedicated readers of pwf, may you all write some awesome stuff too. To[info]ginsatonic for writing the first pwf fan fic. To anybody who’s actually read this.

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Alright I am going to go sleep! Have a nice night everyone!
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