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Jan. 4th, 2009

emptyhearts11 (11:49:33 PM): omg are you done with the update?
CheerfullyMe07 (11:49:37 PM): not yet
CheerfullyMe07 (11:49:40 PM): i'm scared
emptyhearts11 (11:49:51 PM): which part are you up to?
CheerfullyMe07 (11:49:55 PM): i bet that bitch is pregnant
CheerfullyMe07 (11:49:59 PM): or she had a kid
CheerfullyMe07 (11:50:00 PM): fuck
emptyhearts11 (11:50:02 PM): exactly!
CheerfullyMe07 (11:50:05 PM): NOOOOOOOOO
CheerfullyMe07 (11:50:06 PM): OMG
CheerfullyMe07 (11:50:08 PM): NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
emptyhearts11 (11:50:09 PM): that's exactly what im thinking.
CheerfullyMe07 (11:50:09 PM): BRB
CheerfullyMe07 (11:50:11 PM): oh
CheerfullyMe07 (11:50:12 PM): oh
CheerfullyMe07 (11:50:14 PM): lol
emptyhearts11 (11:50:15 PM): no it doesn't say for sure.
CheerfullyMe07 (11:50:21 PM): ohh ok
emptyhearts11 (11:50:21 PM): but she's all like 'i have to tell you something'
CheerfullyMe07 (11:50:21 PM): brb
emptyhearts11 (11:50:24 PM): k
CheerfullyMe07 (11:50:25 PM): :|||||||||||
CheerfullyMe07 (11:53:32 PM): shes 10 pounds ehavier
CheerfullyMe07 (11:53:33 PM): fgdjklghfjhgdf
CheerfullyMe07 (11:53:34 PM): brb
emptyhearts11 (11:53:38 PM): lolol k
CheerfullyMe07 (11:57:20 PM): shiiiiiiiiiiiiy
CheerfullyMe07 (11:57:22 PM): t
CheerfullyMe07 (11:57:26 PM): i'll kill that bitch
CheerfullyMe07 (11:57:30 PM): i'm so mad
emptyhearts11 (11:57:37 PM): ikr.
emptyhearts11 (11:57:53 PM): if she does anything to fuck up the togetherness the guys have, i will smack a bitch.
CheerfullyMe07 (11:58:42 PM): YES
CheerfullyMe07 (11:59:02 PM): dkghjkdhd
CheerfullyMe07 (11:59:05 PM): fuckkkkkkkkkk
emptyhearts11 (11:59:10 PM): idek dude, i was like, bawling reading it.
CheerfullyMe07 (11:59:31 PM): if i could cry, i would have too
emptyhearts11 (11:59:32 PM): like, im so happy they got off the island, but idek. i kinda wished they'd stayed there because then they wouldn't have to deal with all the separation
CheerfullyMe07 (11:59:38 PM): yeah!
CheerfullyMe07 (11:59:42 PM): i'm so lost rn
emptyhearts11 (11:59:44 PM): fuckkk
CheerfullyMe07 (11:59:45 PM): so confused
CheerfullyMe07 (11:59:47 PM): fuckkkkkkkkkkk
emptyhearts11 (11:59:49 PM): im shitting bricks now.
emptyhearts11 (11:59:52 PM): i need the next update.
CheerfullyMe07 (11:59:53 PM): me too!
CheerfullyMe07 (11:59:54 PM): YES
CheerfullyMe07 (11:59:58 PM): loooorrrrrrrrrd
CheerfullyMe07 (12:00:08 AM): i'm seriously KILLING this cigarette
emptyhearts11 (12:00:24 AM): LOL
CheerfullyMe07 (12:00:29 AM): awww but
emptyhearts11 (12:00:33 AM): i completely chewed off all my nails.
CheerfullyMe07 (12:00:33 AM): pete sold his fucking house
CheerfullyMe07 (12:00:36 AM): AWWWW
CheerfullyMe07 (12:00:37 AM): bb
emptyhearts11 (12:00:40 AM): OMG I KNOW.
CheerfullyMe07 (12:00:43 AM): JDKLHJHFJHF
emptyhearts11 (12:00:45 AM): pete and everything and omg.
CheerfullyMe07 (12:00:48 AM): I. LOVE. HIM.
emptyhearts11 (12:00:54 AM): pete>>>the world.
CheerfullyMe07 (12:01:02 AM): i'm totally fangirling over him in this fic
emptyhearts11 (12:01:07 AM): omg me too.
CheerfullyMe07 (12:01:11 AM): wow
CheerfullyMe07 (12:01:13 AM): i love him
CheerfullyMe07 (12:01:18 AM): shit! i'm so scared
CheerfullyMe07 (12:01:22 AM): shitshitshit
emptyhearts11 (12:01:35 AM): im like, freaking out.
emptyhearts11 (12:01:47 AM): i nearly hyperventilated reading the first half
CheerfullyMe07 (12:01:53 AM): dude i know!
CheerfullyMe07 (12:02:03 AM): i've been smoking the whole time
CheerfullyMe07 (12:02:08 AM): and weezing
CheerfullyMe07 (12:02:10 AM): WTF
emptyhearts11 (12:02:18 AM): omg woman, stop smoking.
CheerfullyMe07 (12:02:32 AM): dude i know!
CheerfullyMe07 (12:02:53 AM): but it was because of the epicness of this. thats why i couldn't breathe
emptyhearts11 (12:03:23 AM): lol i was flailing around and gasping out loud every two seconds.
emptyhearts11 (12:03:36 AM): i'm srsly hoping the next chapter is posted soon.
CheerfullyMe07 (12:03:37 AM): LOL me too!
CheerfullyMe07 (12:03:55 AM): my dad is asleep on the couch and i wok e him up
CheerfullyMe07 (12:04:02 AM): he was like 'are you okay!?!'
CheerfullyMe07 (12:04:03 AM): lol
emptyhearts11 (12:04:22 AM): LOL i had tears coming down my face and my mom comes into my room and starts talking to me, and she's like 'wtf is your problem' and i was like, nothing i poked my eye. =|
CheerfullyMe07 (12:04:32 AM): LOLOLOL
CheerfullyMe07 (12:04:34 AM): IRL
emptyhearts11 (12:05:01 AM): lol
CheerfullyMe07 (12:05:12 AM): fuck, i need to go to sleep
CheerfullyMe07 (12:05:13 AM): fml
CheerfullyMe07 (12:05:17 AM): i have to work in the morning
emptyhearts11 (12:05:20 AM): aww
CheerfullyMe07 (12:05:41 AM): more flailing tomorrow?
emptyhearts11 (12:05:46 AM): lol yes!
CheerfullyMe07 (12:05:51 AM): LOL k! night bb!
CheerfullyMe07 (12:05:52 AM): <333
emptyhearts11 (12:05:55 AM): night <33

We really freak out over this tbh :)


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Jan. 4th, 2009 05:16 am (UTC)
i was about two seconds away from posting 'so who else just kind of died inside at the update'

then i got distracted by facebok. :/
Jan. 4th, 2009 08:01 am (UTC)
i'm literally like vibrating right now after reading that. no not in the sexual way. pete made me just like diee.

I say if there is a baby, we, the readers steal the story and write our own ending!

k i'm going to go bounce off and try to sleep.

actually the only baby i support is mpreg baby.
no keltie!
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