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Heyy everybody! How are you?
Right this second I'm working on my fanfic of pwf.
Fanfic of a fanfic.

It's based on one of my theories for chapter 11, and I'm excited for y'all to read it (Oh yes, I just said y'all, and I'm not even from the South.)

Here's an excerpt:

Shane silently cursed to himself. There was one and always one person that, without fail, inevitably forced Brendon and Shane into the outside world during tour breaks—Ryan.  He usually had some dramatic meltdown and it required the whole band to ‘fix him,’ Shane thought resentfully, Shane is just not in a good mood; therefore, his thoughts tend to turn bitter, for that is not exactly true. 


“Bren, please don’t worry. These days are suppose to be about you…me…the bed…you said it yourself, he’ll be fine in a couple days, food is almost ready, let’s eat, and I will definitely distract you.” Shane said in a patient voice, trying to hide the annoyance in his voice.


Brendon smirked mischievously, “Why do we have to wait until after we eat. Why not…now?”

Okay, maybe that's not a good piece, but all the other excerpts I want to put in either
a. Don't make sense
b. Give too much away.

Therefore, don't judge the story based on this excerpt.

I don't know, it's (somewhat) late, and I'm bored.

So let's talk about chapter 11. Did ya love it or did ya love it?


so apparently ginsatonic has the same LJ problems i do (cuts hate us -- EMO FAIL!!!!), so i'm going to try to post this for her. fuck, this is like the blind leading the blind. whatever. as she says:

Brendon/Shane/Ryan fic written for lolab
Inspired by events in pwf Chapter 9
Now can we have Chapter 10, Colin?

soon, dear minions. soon. ;)

anyway, this fic is awesome.  it's her theory behind ryan's ~guilt, and it's sooo much cooler than the reality. :D


Title: Broken Strings [1/1]
Author: ginsatonic
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Fiction.
Word Count: 5,600
Summary: Brendon is tired. Shane is emo. Ryan is oblivious. No-one is complete. Angst ensues.
Dedication: Yeah, Colin for demanding encouraging this and for helping every step of the way. And for writing pwf J
Notes: Be gentle, folks!

[ "You, Ryan Ross, that's what's wrong with me." ]

Chapter 10... Ransom Paid in full...

Everyone can now bitch at Colin to post chapter 10. (it's allowed, look in the profile. lol)

It is being withheld until shryo was written. Well, the kids haven't been fed, no laundry done, but shyro is written (badly, but written all the same) and in Colin's possession.

So can we have Chapter 10 now. All of it. Soon. Please, Colin?

*bitching never was one of my strong points, I grovel much better ;)
Dudes, does anyone know the song "Dem Jeans" by Chingy? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuQTtiVR9pU)
Okay, so I don't like rap but like the chorus of "Damn Girl/How'd you get all that in/Dem Jeans/Dem Jeans" just like randomly popped into my head today. Don't know why, but it made me thing of pwf.

I think I'm too addicted.

well, I gotta go get ready for dance class. There better be some awesome comments here, cuz I'm bored and I want to talk to people. 
So lolab Colin is really hinting we should start a list of what we would do to him if Ryan dies in pwf.

I'll start
1. Bludgeon with 9lb AP Biology textbook
2. Push Colin off a cliff- ha, ha, not so funny now eh????

So before I get too creepy, you guys better come up with some AWESOME, EXCITING, INVENTIVE (GORY AND PAINFUL) WAYS TO....maybe, hopefully we will not need to...PUNISH LOLAB COLIN (IFFFF ryan dies)(pleaaasseeeee noooo)

xoxoxo, you know we love you Colin!

well damn.

blame ginsatonic, who was all, "pwf needs a support group!" and who has developed this awesome theory about ryan's ~guiltandangst.  she sends me this thing in a friggin' WORD DOCUMENT and it's like two pages long, and i was like, this is so much more fun than my outline, so she's agreed to try to write it out in actual fic format, because it's that awesome.
anyway, so now pwf has a support group, because apparently chapter 9 has killd every1 ded.
see the profile.  rant, rave, ask questions (which i may or may not answer :P), post your own theories, write AU's, flashbacks, alternate scenes, whatever.

 Becca:  lol
i'm gonna hijack your LJ in like the last chapter and post a fake chapter where a meteor comes and destroys them all