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pwfbhc's Journal

The PWF Broken Hearts Club
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for readers of planewreckfic to rant, rave, theorize, complain, bitch, angst, and discuss.

Blame this ENTIRELY on ginsatonic, who was all, "hey, PWF needs to have a support/discussion group!"
Because apparently chapter 9 killed everyone ded.

I don't think PWF is nearly epic enough for this, but whatever, here it is. :P

Rant, rave, post theories, ask questions (which I may or may not answer :P), write AU's, flashbacks, alternate scenes,
complain about my lack of updating speed, brainstorm sequels (who knows, I might write one, god help us),
post slashy Panic pics, or just random shit that has nothing to do with anything. Whatever.
This is for you guys, not me. Go wild.